Condition Report

Some of the items we sell can be over 100 years old. As such, they can vary a great deal in condition. Some have been treasured, and are as the day they were made, others have been less fortunate. The condition determines the price. We give a condition report for every item, using the same terms as auction houses throughout the world. Please buy only if you understand and accept the condition phrases, this saves a lot of heartache on both sides. Remember even in a museum you will find items that are damaged.

For an item to get this classification it must be absolutely perfect and in the condition it was on the day it was made.

Without any damage or visible wear. Well above the condition you would expect for an item of this age.

Very Good
Above average condition, without any damage or repairs, some signs of age, but no chips, cracks or crazing.

Without chips, cracks or repairs, but possibly some age, crazing or hair-line cracks. These will be noted in the description.

Still in presentable condition, but may have minor chips, cracks or crazing.

These will be noted in the description. Please appreciate that the older a piece, the less chance you have of perfection, when you get back to early or pre Victoria - Very Good - is about as good as it gets :) Some china and porcelain of the pre-Victorian period can be more crude in construction and design than the later pieces,also china and pottery commemoratives produced soon after World War II may have minor imperfections of manufacture. With the material shortages following the war, few could be rejected.